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Leonards M&O / Tandy Subway

This button was distributed for the ceremonial last ride on August 29, 2002    In 1962 the Leonard Brothers department store in Fort Worth, Texas, began construction of a subway train to connect their downtown store to their parking lot to the northwest on the bank of the Trinity River. The subway opened to the public the following year with the first public ride on February 15, 1963. In October 1967 the Leonards Brothers Company was sold to the Tandy Corporation. Tandy sold the stores to Dillard's in 1974 but demolished the Fort Worth store to build their new headquarters and a shopping mall. This site, the Charles D. Tandy Center, continued to be served by the subway for its parking needs. In 1996 the mall became the Forth Worth Outlet Square in an attempt to revitalize downtown shopping. The Outlet Square was never a financial success and Tandy's interest in the project declined in the late 1990's. By the early 21st century the ice rink was closed and most of the stores had moved out, yet the subway continued to serve the remaining customers and the employees of the RadioShack Corporation.

    In 2001 RadioShack purchased the Ripley Arnold public housing project adjacent to their parking lot from the city of Fort Worth and sold the Charles D. Tandy Center and the Technology Center to PNL companies. RadioShack is leasing the property until their new riverside campus headquarters is completed in 2004. The new campus will be located on part of the current parking lot and the housing project. The subway closed forever in 2002 so that construction could begin in the parking lot. A ceremonial last ride for members of the Leonards family and friends took place on August 29, 2002. The real last trip was at 7:30 PM on Friday, August 30, 2002.

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